Intro to Reactive Programming in Spring Boot

Vijay Sahayaraja
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Programming comes in different paradigms.

For long, we did procedural programming using languages like C where the business logic was executed step by step in a procedural manner. Then came Object Oriented Programming where you modelled your business requirement into domain objects. It represented real world more closely and has been quite successful even now. And we also have Functional programming, Event Driven programming etc.

The latest among these is Reactive Programming.

Reactive programming is non-blocking, asynchronous , deals with data streams and supports backpressure. This ebook gives a quick intro to reactive programming in spring boot with sample demo in both Spring Boot and Javascript.


1. Reactive programming – definition

2. Reactive programming in Spring Boot

3. How to create a reactive REST API – demo

4. How to consume a reactive REST API – demo

5. Backpressure

6. How to consume a reactive REST API in Javascript - demo

7. Conclusion

8. Further Reading

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  • Size457 KB
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Intro to Reactive Programming in Spring Boot

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